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It is sixteen (16) months today. That comes as a shock to the heart. I still have moments where it slams into me that Tim is truly gone. While our brains know this, our hearts do not accept it. We have carried on, month after month, learning a new life, accepting that our loved one is gone, trying to get past grief and sorrow. Seriously, it depends on who you are grieving for as to whether there is any ‘getting past’ it. It is how you are treated and what happens after the loss that helps determine how much or how little you heal. There is so much involved that it can be overwhelming to the griever. It is not as simple as ‘choosing’ how you are going to feel each day, If only it were that easy, so many of us would love to be able to choose.


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Hope versus High

What is a Boom Operator

Recently I have re-visited the concept of Hope.  Like you I have bad days.  Some people tell me they don’t have bad days, and during my good days it is easier for me to believe this about them.  I observe these people and find that for the most part they do indeed appear to have a good attitudes everyday.  I am always in such awe over these people.  I consider them to be life’s great people.  Andy Lincoln is one of them. 

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My husband and I have a small home business. We make soy candles and vegan body products. It’s always been a hobby and I do it more for the making than the selling. But we do sell some, mostly the candles. I would love to do more in sales but advertising/self promotion is not my best trait and my husband is a foreign contractor, so he can’t really do much to help in that area.

Anyway, let me give you a rundown of who we are and what we do ….

”   We are a small, family business. Marcus and I make each order as it comes in. We don’t have ready made products on hand, not even the candles. This means everything you order is fresh when it arrives.
    We live in Southern Colorado with our two handsome boys, David and Jonathan. They both have a diagnosis of autism and are as creative as they are amazing. They enjoy helping make different products and applying the labels and ribbons.
    Oh, we filed our incorporation papers in March of 2014 to became a LLC. That was a big step for us !
    At 11B Savon, we are focused on providing the highest quality, chemical free body products that we can. We don’t offer anything to you that we don’t use ourselves.
    When our first son was born, we tried to feed him the freshest, most natural things we could. When it came to the things we used on his skin, we hit a snag.
    Everything was priced out of our range and even the “all natural” and “organic” products had chemicals in them. When our second son was born in 2008, we decided to make our own and we never regretted it. Two years later, the opportunity for us to begin selling them online showed itself and 11B Savon was born.
    I don’t remember when we began selling with the Toscano’s, our stuff was in Posh, in downtown Fountain. We use all natural things in our products, this means no chemicals and all vegan bases.
    Our soaps are made with cocoa butter or hemp oil bases and we use cruelty free cosmetic grade fragrance oils and ground spices.
    The lotions and butters are made with pure cocoa butter, sweet almond oil and organic coconut oil. 
    The body scrubs are made with sweet almond oil, cane sugar and sea salts.”
So, this is what I do. Right now, the website is undergoing renovations. The only two lines that are up right now are the candles and the bathing salts.
Be nice to yourself,
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Pumpkin Molasses Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Frosting

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♥Giveaway Time♥

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